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Le seguenti informazioni sono specifiche per le mobilità internazionali.; per le informazioni generali, visita  https://web.unipv.it/coronavirus/

The following info are specific for the international mobilities; for the general info, please visit https://web.unipv.it/coronavirus/



***english version below***

Le mobilità Erasmus Studio, Erasmus Traineeship e Overseas Exchange Programme per l’a.a. 2020/21, al momento, rimangono confermate. In caso di assegnazione di un periodo semestrale, si raccomanda, laddove possibile, di optare per il secondo semestre, poiché, a causa dell’emergenza, non è garantito che l’Università di destinazione sia in grado di confermare la mobilità già per il primo semestre.


Dato il perdurare dell’emergenza COVID, gli studenti outgoing dovranno:

  •  attenersi alle specifiche linee guida predisposte dall’Ateneo (https://web.unipv.it/coronavirus/)
  •  consultare attentamente tutti i documenti informativi ricevuti;
  • verificare le condizioni di sicurezza nel Paese ospitante sul sito del Ministero degli Esteri italiano Viaggiare Sicuri (http://www.viaggiaresicuri.it/), consultando frequentemente la scheda Paese ed in particolare la sezione relativa alle condizioni sanitarie,
  • leggere le informazioni sullo svolgimento del semestre nell’Università ospitante;
  • attenersi le regole di sicurezza in vigore nel Paese e presso l’Università ospitante;
  • obbligatorio leggere attentamente la scheda informativa e sottoscrivere l’assunzione di responsabilità.

Tessera Sanitaria.

Gli studenti in partenza, inoltre, possono verificare prima di partire, tramite la propria Azienda Socio-Sanitaria Territoriale (ASST) la validità nel Paese di soggiorno della propria Tessera Europea di Assicurazione Malattia (TEAM) e richiedere informazioni sui possibili rischi sanitari del Paese, su eventuali misure di profilassi da adottare prima della partenza, sulle vaccinazioni necessarie o raccomandate.

Mobilità virtuale.

Le mobilità potranno essere avviate in modalità “virtuale” ed essere completate successivamente con un periodo di attività in presenza all’estero (mobilità fisica).
Se la mobilità fisica non sarà possibile per il perdurare dell’emergenza, sarà ritenuto valido anche un intero periodo di mobilità virtuale.

Gli studenti in mobilità potranno seguire anche le lezioni online dell’Università di Pavia, quindi studiando e sostenendo gli esami sia presso l’Università ospitante sia presso UNIPV, con pieno riconoscimento per tutti i risultati ottenuti e per tutte le attività svolte sia nel periodo di mobilità virtuale che in quello di mobilità fisica.

Borse di studio.

Per le mobilità svolte in modalità blended (virtuale+fisica) o interamente virtuali, l’Università di Pavia (seguendo le indicazioni la Commissione europea) non assegnerà alcun contributo economico durante il periodo di mobilità “virtuale”.


SCHEDA INFORMATIVA PER GLI STUDENTI OUTGOING in mobilità Erasmus+ STUDIO, TRAINEESHIP, ICM e Overseas e altri programmi di mobilità dell’ateneo.



To date, Erasmus for Study, Erasmus Traineeship and Overseas Exchange Programme mobilities for the academic year 2020/21 are confirmed. In case of allocation of a semester period, it is suggested, where possible, to opt for the second semester, since, due to the COVID-19 emergency, it is not guaranteed that the host University will be able to confirm the mobility already for the first semester.


Since the current Covid-19 crisis is still in place in Italy and in many EU and non-EU countries, outgoing students must:

  • follow the guidelines arranged by Unipv (https://web.unipv.it/coronavirus/);
  • consult carefully all the informative documents received;
  • verify possible health risks in the hosting country on the Foreign Ministry Viaggiare Sicuri website (http://www.viaggiaresicuri.it/), frequently consulting the Country page and the section about health conditions;
  • get information about the development of the semester in the host University;
  • it’s mandatory to read carefully the information sheet and subscribe the declaration of risk assumption

Health Insurance Card.

Before leaving, students must check with the local ASST the validity in the host country of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and to get information about possible health risks in the hosting country, prophylaxis measures to take before leaving, necessary vaccinations and to get sanitary certificates, if needed

Virtual mobilities.

Mobilities that had been planned as face-to-face activities, due to the measures to combat contagion from COVID-19, can be started in “virtual” mode and can be completed with a period of activity in presence abroad (physical mobility).

In the event that the continuation of the restrictions due to the epidemiological emergency does not allow participants to complete the mobility with a period of physical activity abroad, an entire period of virtual mobility will also be considered eligible. Mobility students will also have the opportunity to follow the lessons delivered online by the University of Pavia. In this way, they will have the opportunity to study and take the exams both at the host university and at the home university. Full recognition will be guaranteed for all the results obtained and or all the activities carried out both in the period of virtual mobility and in that of physical mobility.


In terms of financing, for the mobility carried out in blended or entirely virtual mode, the European Commission and the University of Pavia adopt new provisions according to which during the period of “virtual” mobility the participant will not be awarded any economic contribution.

INFORMATION SHEET FOR OUTGOING STUDENTS for Erasmus+ STUDY, TRAINEESHIP, ICM e Overseas and other Unipv mobility programmes.




We are pleased to welcome in Pavia incoming exchange students for the upcoming 2020/21 academic year.
Since the current Covid-19 crisis is still in place in Italy and in many EU and non-EU countries, mobile students must nevertheless be aware of the peculiar situation they will find on campus and carefully read some important documents specific guidelines  put in place by the University of Pavia with the aim to ensure their safety and security on campus  .
The following guidelines have been prepared to give up-to-date information to incoming mobile participants in Pavia and will be regularly updated.

Concerning teaching activities, during the first semester of the next academic year, teaching will be in a blended form: in compliance with all safety measures, the maximum number of lessons will be in-person and the remaining online, according to methods that will be determined by the various degree courses. However, it will be possible to attend all the lessons of the first semester online, including those which are offered face-to-face.

Students have to be aware of the very peculiar situation they will find on campus about physical distancing and safety measures and it will be compulsory to respect the local and national safety and distancing measures which will be put in place before or during their stay. They have to be aware that the epidemic situation may still change and that all this will inevitably affect their experience on campus (while accessing canteens, libraries and university services). Dedicated information material about our internal protocols on those issues, on specific emergency measures to follow and on the emergency plan for the management of symptomatic people on campus will promptly and regularly be shared with your students.

We encourage extra EU students needing a VISA to come to Italy to start the necessary procedures as soon as they receive their acceptance letter since the process to get it may be longer than usual.

Depending on how the situation will evolve, extra EU student may be asked to undergo a quarantine period upon their arrival, on the basis of the national government policies and of the epidemic situation of their home country.

Our accommodation agency will soon get in contact with students to give updated information about how to ask for a room. Please note that normally, accommodation is available on campus or in a private flat. We do expect the availability of rooms to be affected by the current situation and therefore we suggest you apply as soon as the accommodation form will be available.

We have prepared some specific guidelines concerning the insurance issues, detailing which steps are compulsory and which ones are highly recommended to your students.

A dedicated Psychological Counseling Service has been created to provide psychological support to students in this moment of emergency, with particular regard to anxiety, depression, stress and other reasons of discomfort.

INFORMATION SHEET FOR INCOMING students: Erasmus + STUDIO mobility, TRAINEESHIP, ICM, Overseas and other University mobility programs