Upon the arrival

Upon arrival in Pavia, take the following steps:

Due to the COVID-19 health situation, the Erasmus office will ask for the Tax Code for all the incoming student directly to the Tax Office. Tax codes will be sent by mail to each student.


Due to the COVID-19 health situation, the official registration will be made online by the Erasmus Office. Students will receive all the useful information by mail.


From Monday 21st September it will be possible to receive users only by appointment, in order to respond to particularly complex cases or not manageable remotely by phone or email.
To access the booking service connect to http://gopa.unipv.it/visual_orario_mobint.asp

select the desired service and the preferred date and time slot. It is necessary to precisely indicate the subject of the appointment request: reservations without a valid and proven reason or judged to be solvable remotely will be cancelled. Upon completion of the reservation you will receive an email with the confirmation of the appointment.
The office will receive users from Monday to Friday from 9.30 am to 12.00 pm (last slot bookable at 11.45 am). It will be possible to make the reservation until 12.00 noon on the day before the chosen date.


Students have to meet with the Erasmus Coordinator to check the learning agreement with the up-to-date academic offer and course timetable.
The Coordinators’ office hours are available from the Faculty web page.


Non-EU citizens staying in Italy for longer than three months need to apply for a permit of stay within 8 days of their  arrival in Pavia. The cost for the application is about 140 Euro.

In order to do this, take the following documents to:
Help Desk for International Students at the Pavia Police Station (Questura di Pavia, Salone Immigrazione) Via Rismondo, 68
Open Thursdays 9AM – 1PM by appointment only available from 21 Sept 2020: http://gopa.unipv.it (click on the helpdesk, fill a form and confirm your appointment).

Students in quarantine can start anticipating their documents to permesso.soggiorno@unipv.it, attaching their passport with the study visa or (in case of renewal) their permit of stay.


1. Photocopy of all pages of your passport, including blank pages
2.Photocopy of your health insurance policy
3.Photocopy of your enrollment certificate at the University of Pavia*
4.Proof of accommodation*
5.Proof of economic support*
6.Revenue stamp 16EUR
7. passport photos

* Proof of enrollment: if you are a degree seeker this document must be requested and issued by the students administrative office.
* Proof of accommodation: photocopy of your house lease contract registered at the local tax office or, if guest in one of the colleges, a letter signed by the rector or the bursar of the college.
*Proof of economic support: photocopy of scholarship or bank account details or front and back of your credit card.

For exchange students : documents #3, #4 and #5 are included in the “NOMINATION LETTER” issued by the International Relations Office

Next Steps:
Take all the papers already filled to the post office and pay the fee (about 140 euro)
You will receive an SMS or letter from the police inviting you to the police station to register your fingerprints. When going to the appointment, do not forget to bring 4 passport photos and your passport.
The status of your permit of stay can always be checked on the website of Portale Immigrazione (use the username and password that can be found on the post office receipt): www.portaleimmigrazione.it/ELI2ImmigrazioneWEB/Pagine/StartPage.aspx
Remember to carry with you a photocopy of the application receipt of your permit of stay – this receipt has the value of a permit of stay until the document is ready
Remember to send a copy of the application receipt or your new permit of stay to the Student’s Administrative Office via Filo Diretto. Please note that once your permit of stay has expired, your profile in Student Portal will be blocked automatically.


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