Summer and Winter Schools in Pavia

Mobile architectures and new ways to inhabit the territroy – 6-11 july 2020

“Mobile Architecture and new ways of living in the territory” is an International Design Summer School that explores the theme of minimal and mobile architecture as a tool to define new ways of living and reactivating the spaces of uncertainty that characterize contemporary society.
The second edition of Mobile Home ECOlab intends to promote a reflection on the relationship that exists between permanence and temporariness of architecture and on the possibility of intervening with minimal and reversible acts to trigger new ways of living in the territory.

The International Design Summer School will take place on-line and is organized by the University of Pavia with the collaboration of CrippaConcept, a leading Italian company in the mobile home sector.

The idea is to export the industrial product of mobile homes, now more than consolidated for the outdoor tourism sector, in other areas, in order to be able to respond quickly and effectively to emergency situations and rapid economic and cultural changes that are affecting our society.

Join the Summer School live via Zoom 

Program of the Summer School


Monitoring marine alien species in ports with the SERC protocol – 28 June – 2 July 2021

This summer school, organised by the University of Pavia  and the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (USA), is opened to professionals, public/private employees, researchers, master/PhD students with a marine biology background and/or involved in marine bioinvasion monitoring.

Participants will be instructed to monitor ports using the method conceived and successfully applied for over 25 years in the United States by the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center. Moreover, experts of different taxonomic groups will provide lectures and laboratory activities on the identification of the most common fouling species of port habitats, with a focus on cryptogenic and alien invertebrate species.

Applications are now open! 

Program and How to apply


Global CoffeeScapes- 3-7 February, 2020

This Winter School will engage scholars, international experts, professionals, and students in a fruitful and inclusive discussion about the present and the future of the coffee sector. Participants will investigate coffee production and commercialization from an interdisciplinary basis, with topics from the global history of coffee to climate change adaption.

It is open to MA and PhD students, as well as post-doctoral students, researchers, and scholars in the fields of humanities, social sciences, and development and cooperation. Private and public stakeholders interested in global value chains are also encouraged to apply. Lectures, workshops and round tables are open to the public.

Applications are now open! The deadline to apply is 15th January 2020.

Program and How to Apply

Hands on Course on Microsurgical Techniques- 10-12 February, 2020

The course focuses on contemporary head and neck oncology, and will improve the participants’ microsurgical ability in vessel anastomosis on animals and artificial models.

Through the Temporal Bone: From Radiology to Microsurgery- 12-14 February, 2020

The aim of this course is to provide a “full immersion experience” on microsurgery of the temporal bone, offering the opportunity to deal with the basic issues of this type of surgery thanks to a “step by step” dissection. It is aimed at ENT or neuro-surgeons who would like to approach the fascinating field of temporal bone microsurgery.

Applications are now open for both of these programmes! Applications will be accepted until 31st January 2020 or until the courses are full (10 people per programme).

Program and How to Apply

Thermal History of Basin-Source Systems: Techniques, Modelling and Applications- 10-15 February, 2020

This program is run by the Earth and Environmental Sciences PhD Program at UNIPV, in collaboration with Oil and Gas Industry. It aims to discuss the modern knowledge of the basin-source system and its thermal evolution, as well as the industrial interest.

The School is aimed at PhD students, post-doctoral students, advanced MA students, and young researchers.

Applications are now open! The deadline to apply is 23rd December 2019.

Program and How to Apply

Bioprinting: From printing set-up to laboratory analysis- 11-14 February, 2020

The Bioprinting Winter School will provide participants with knowledge on basic principles related to 3D (bio)printing from both a theoretical and pratical point of view.

Applications are now open! The deadline to apply is 14th January 2020.

Program and How to Apply

Technological Innovation and Law- 17-21 February, 2020

This course offers the opportunity to gain insights on how the legal environment is changing due to the role of technology, as well as to explore the application of technology in legal professions. Participants will not only be taught by an international faculty board, but also become familiary with innovative software already in place in courtrooms and law firms.

The course is open to PhD students, young researchers and early career professionals, and in exceptional cases MA students.

Applications are now open! The deadline to apply is 19th December 2019.

Program and How to Apply

Data-Driven Sports Analytics- 24-28 February, 2020

This short program aims to answer two crucial questions: how to win matches and how to choose athletes. Content will include sports analytics, data and sport, big data analysis, digital innovation, and marketing. There will also be an enriching program of social and cultural activities.

The Winter School is targetted towards sports scientists, trainers, coaches, analysts, sports engineers, and sports managers, but also athletes, statisticians, and all those who are interested in acquiring skills in Sports Analytics to improve sports performance.

Applications are now open! The deadline to apply is 30th January 2020.

Program and How to Apply

RE/SPACES – REgenerating Spaces through Sound – 24 March – 3 April, 2020

The Re/Spaces Winter School will be a hub for students and early career artists working in the field of digital sound and image.
The aim of the school is to help young creative people to develop their skills in working within a small team of peers; update them on the latest tools in sound and image elaboration; and provide historical and theoretical background in the disciplines of contemporary music history, audiovisual analysis, visual communication and storytelling, and the digital process of audio and video files.

Applications are now open! The deadline to apply is 20th January 2020.

Program and How to Apply




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