At the end of your Erasmus

At the end of Your Erasmus, you must come in person to International relations Office – Mobility office (Via S. Agostino 1) in order to return your booklet of exams and possibly to sign other documents:


The International Mobility office will issue this certificate to a student. The dates indicated on the document will be:

  • arrival – the date indicated on your booklet, at your first appearance at our office
  • departure – the day of the student’s last personal appearance at our office. We can’t sign the document with the final date before that date has passed.

If you need your own document signed and it includes subject-specific details such as language of instruction, exam dates or other academic information, please contact your departmental coordinator for a signature.


Please note that all passed courses will be listed on your transcript but no failed courses will be listed. Only courses you have taken at the University of Pavia will appear on your transcript.

When your exam results have been registered by the departments, the International Mobility Office will send your transcript directly to the International Office at your home university after no more than five weeks! As a rule, it will not take more than 1 month for your grades to be entered into your account after your examination. This is when you will be able to see them in the on-line reserved area. If you need your grades earlier, please contact your lecturer in good time to discuss your requirements and inform our office well in advance too!


  • Make sure that you have passed all your exams!
  • Collect the deposit of your flat, if you paid one
  • Make the necessary arrangements with the local authorities to leave the country.
  • Give books back to the library

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