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UNISAFE – Security and safety on HEIs students and staff moving abroad


UNIPV structure involved: International Relations Office

UNIPV Team: Ms. Michela Cobelli, Mr. Alberto Forte, Ms. Gaia Garancini, Mrs. Eleonora Sausa

Project Duration: 3 years

Start Date: 1 Sept 2019  End Date: 31 Aug 2022

Coordinator: University of Pavia

Partners: University of Bologna, The University of Edinburgh, Jagiellonian University, University of Poitiers, University of Granada, University of Iasi, Coimbra Group

Budget: € 449.108,00


The main objective of the project is to equip HEIs with protocols, as well as practical tools that guarantee the safety and security of international mobility for students and staff. The protocols clarifies roles, duties and responsibilities of the parties involved in international mobility, define the importance of risk assessment and preparation of mobility, standardize procedures addressed to the specific needs of the beneficiaries. Practical tools (such as online self‐assessment tool, online open courses, emergency notification mobile app) will support beneficiaries ‐ within the partnership and beyond it  ‐ in experiencing a safer and more secure international mobility.

During the project, the following intellectual outputs (IO), multiplier events (E) and intensive staff training weeks (C) will be carried out: Four Intellectual Outputs: O1 Online self‐assessment tool on safety and security, O2  ‐ Open Courses on security protocols for universities, O3 Open courses on Health and safety for mobility participants, O4 University’s Emergency Notification System technical report.


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