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OUT-SIDE-IN – Inclusive Adult Education with Refugees


UNIPV structure involved: Department of Social and Political Sciences

UNIPV Team: Prof.ssa Anna Rita Calabrò

Project Duration: 36 months

Start Date: 01 Sep 2015   End Date: 31 Aug 2018

Coordinator: Institute for Didactics of Democracy, Leibniz University of Hanover, Germany

Partners: Folkuniversitetet, Sweden; Synergy of Music Theatre, Greece; Speha Fresia, Italy; ZRC SAZU, Slovenia; Konya Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey; Universität Vechta; Universita’ Di Pavia; Four Elements, Greece

Budget: € 412.274,00


OUT-SIDE-IN is committed to qualify multipliers for the inclusion of refugees in adult education, offering new opportunities of interacting and channels of communication between these groups aiming to soften prejudices and to promote awareness and respect of multiple perspectives in today’s ́ immigration societies.

For this purpose, Out Side In develops a 5-module program for multipliers qualifying them for inclusive adult education with refugees.

With 9 partners in the 6 mentioned countries, Out-Side-In will provide needs analysis for target groups, develop and test innovative educational material and methods for learner groups with refugees, train and support 150 multipliers for sustainable implementation and publish all project-results for public free access on this website. Out-Side-In provides results that qualify educational staff in inclusive teaching and learning skills by creative methods for moderating groups including refugees, raise awareness for multiple perspectives and understanding between the majority society and refugees, reduces prejudices and offers new arrangements for their relationships, provide opportunities for participation and learning for refugees.

Overall Out-Side-In contributes an educational puzzle that contributes its part for reaching more inclusive societies.

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