Why Erasmus for Studies?

Through the Erasmus Programme you are able to undertake a study period of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 12 months in a European University.

Erasmus+ allows students to undertake more than one mobility period for each course of studies. A total of 12 months of mobility are permitted during 3-year degrees, Masters courses, PhD/specialist courses and a total of 24 months during courses that last 5 years or longer.

During your Erasmus study period you can:

  • attend courses, sit exams, conduct research activities in preparation for a thesis
  • such activities may be accompanied by an internship

Upon your return, the activities that you have carried out abroad will be officially recognised by the University of Pavia.

As an Erasmus student you can:

  • obtain a grant to help with expenses incurred during the study period
  • take advantage of your “Erasmus student status”, which means:

– exemption from paying enrolment fees at the host University

– the right to take advantage of services (accommodation, potential language courses, etc.) offered by the host University

Who is Erasmus Study for?

You may participate in the Erasmus Programme if:

  • you are officially enrolled in an “old system” degree course, 3-year degree, specialist/Masters, specialist/Masters lasting 5 years or longer, specialisation school, research doctorate, or university Masters
  • you have a good knowledge of the language of the host country (or the didactic language)
  • you do not intend to benefit from any other EU grants provided by other programmes or actions financed by the European Commission during your period of study
  • you have never benefitted from the status of Erasmus student, Erasmus Placement/Traineeship, or Erasmus Overseas for a total period that exceeds 12 months (24 months for those doing courses of 5 years or more) over the course of the studies in which you have enrolled and during which you will carry out the mobility.

Where can I do Erasmus Study?

You can choose between the Host Universities offered by your Faculty:

Further Information

What is Erasmus+?

Useful documents


Servizio Relazioni Internazionali – Mobilità internazionale (International Relations Service – International Mobility)

Università degli Studi di Pavia Via Sant’Agostino, 1° – 27100 Pavia

E-mail: outgoing.erasmus@unipv.it

Tel: +39.0382.984004

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